How do I configure my iPhone to receive email?

We recommend setting up your iPhone using IMAP rather than POP3, IMAP will allow you to sync up multiple devices across all mail folders (sent, trash, etc).

  1. On your iPhone goto "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" > "Add Accounts..."

  2. Select "Other"

  3. Select "Add Mail Account"

  4. Input the basic account info then select "Next"

  5. Ensure "IMAP is selected and Scroll down

  6. Then fill in "Incoming Mail Server" fields

  7. Scroll down further to fill in the "Outgoing Mail Server" section

  8. DOUBLE CHECK ALL THE SETTINGS (iPhone keyboards are small!!). Then click "Next" in the top right. The phone will then verify the settings...

  9. All being well, you should then be able to select what you want to sync.

    Then click "Save" and you're done!
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