How do I setup secure webspace and the SSL certificate?

To use SSL encryption on your web hosting account you will need two things:

1. SSL Certificate
For SSL access the domain will need an SSL Certificate purchased and installed, we sell a range of great value SSL Certificates through or partnership with AlphaSSL and GlobalSign. Please note that our servers use Apache + MOD SSL, as many companies will ask this question when you purchase the SSL certificate.

Before you can purchase the certificate from your chosen vendor you will need to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) which we must do for you. This can be provided for you after you have provided us with the following details in a support ticket:

We must still carry out the SSL certificate install so contact our support team with all details when the SSL certificate is purchased.

  • Email Address
  • Host to make SSL certificate for (note that is different from
  • State
  • City
  • Country (2 letter abbreviation, note that United Kingdom should be GB and NOT UK)
  • Company Name
  • company Division

After you have been provided with the CSR by us you can use this to purchase the certificate. When you have done this provide the certificate details to us in a support ticket and we'll install the certificate. SSL certificate installation if provided free of charge but the process may incur a fee if a dedicated IP address is required (see below).

2. A Dedicated IP Address
To install an SSL certificate on an account the domain may require it's own dedicated IP address which will incur additional fees.

The dedicated IP address will be allocated and setup by us when the SSL certificate is installed. After the installation your SSL certificate will be setup and you will be able to access it via a secure URL (

Please note that we will not install 30 day certificates, self signed certificates or certificates from an unrecognised vendor (eg CACert).

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