DNS Records explained (A, CNAME, MX, NS, SPF)

Each website domain name has a DNS zone file linked to it, the DNS zone consists of the following records:

A Record

An A record gives you the IP address of a domain. That way, users that try to go to www.ukwebsolutionsdirect.com will get to the correct IP address. Each sub-domain tnat you create will also have an A record within your domains DNS zone, for example:

Name                         TTL     TYPE    DATA
example.domain.com   8640   A       IP Address

CNAME Record

(CNAME) Record is used to define an alias hostname. A "CNAME" record takes this format:

alias.domain.name      IN     CNAME   otherhost.domain.name.

This defines alias.domain.name as an alias for the host whose canonical (standard) name is otherhost.domain.name.


MX Record

The MX record is the Mail Exchange Record, the MX record paps a domain name to a list of mail exchange servers for that domain. A zone can have one or more MX records for redundancy.

Here's an example of how your MX records would be setup using our MailFoundry anti-spam service

yourdomain.com.       IN     MX      10 mx1.mailbox-defender.com.
yourdomain.com.       IN     MX      20 mx2.mailbox-defender.com.

The 'MX' preference numbers (0 - 65535) dictates the order in which mailers select 'MX' records when they attempt mail delivery to the host. The lower the 'MX' number on the MX record, the higher that host is in priority. This helps to balance out the load of the mailservers, mail spammers however don't pay attention to mail priority.


NS Record

NS Record Name Server record indicates the Authoritative Name for a domain name. The NS records of the Authoritative Name Server for any given Domain will be listed on the Parent Server.  You don't need to alter these records once we've created your account, they are not to be confused with your reseller domains Nameserver records.


SPF Record

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an anti-forgery email practice that can help improve your ability to send legitimate emails to mailservers, you can create an SPF record for your domain name from your cPanel control panel.

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