Do you offer any pre-installed scripts?

Yes, all our web hosting and reseller hosting packages come with Installatron which offers over 60 applications that can be installed from your cPanel control panel with a few clicks of the mouse.

For full details please see our Installatron page.

NOTE: Each application you install requires one MySQL database.

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Do you support Cold Fusion?

Sorry but our servers do not support Cold Fusion.

Can I use IMAP to access my email?

Yes, both IMAP and POP3 is supported by our email servers.

Can I preview my website before my domain resolves?

You can preview your website before you update your domain names DNS, this is a standard feature...

Do you allow the streaming of Video/Audio files?

We do allow the streaming of media files providing the files do not infringe any copyright laws.

Can I run a forum with your hosting plans?

Yes you can, we actually have some forum applications as part of Installatron which is included...