DNS Information for Resellers

Prior to being able to utilise all the features of your reseller account you need to make some modifications to your domain name records.

Using our generic DNS Servers
This is the easiest way to get started. Our generic DNS servers have a completely anonymous URL. Your customers will not know that you are a UK Web.Solutions Direct Reseller! In order to use our generic DNS servers, you will need to contact your domain name registrar (the company you registered your domain with) and have them update the "DNS" records for your domain to reflect our generic DNS servers.

Our DNS servers will vary based on the specific server where your reseller account is located. Please refer to your welcome email for information concerning your assigned DNS servers.

Once your domain name registrar sends a confirmation notice that your domain name records have been updated, it can take up to 3 days before the domain name points to our network. All the Internet Service Providers must update their DNS tables to reflect the new web site location. The rate at which this happens can vary among providers.

IMPORTANT: When you create a domain hosting account via WebHost Manager, the system will automatically create the appropriate DNS records for the domain; however you and/or your customers will also have to change the DNS servers for that particular domain name in order for the domain hosting account to work as expected.

Using your own DNS Servers
All of our reseller accounts come with custom name servers, your DNS servers will look like NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM and NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM.

Before you can start using your own DNS servers, you will need to contact your domain name registrar (the company you registered your domain with) and have them register your name servers. Some domain name registrars allow you to register your own name servers right from within their web site. You will need to provide them with the host names and IP addresses of your name servers, please review your custom DNS welcome message to obtain this information. Once your domain name registrar confirms that your name servers have been registered, please allow at least 3 days and proceed to change the DNS servers for your domain name to reflect your own DNS servers.

NOTE: To prevent your site from experiencing downtime, it is recommended that you do not cancel your existing web hosting account for a period of approximately five days after your domain registrar has updated your domain records.

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